Release Date: November 24, 2004.

Music by Thomas Pareigis & Hannu Kiviaho
Lyrics by Thomas Pareigis
All songs copyright control, except:
Track 5 written by Melvin Endsley (acuff-Rose Music INC)
Track 12 written by Morrisey/Marr (Marr Songs/Bona Relations)
Drums on track 3 by Anders Hernestam
Mastered by Sören Elonsson at Cosmos Mastering, Stockholm
Photo by Bersa. boots photo by Christel Schröder
Artwork by Hanta/Mange at Kloroform Design
Thanks to Ola Nyström for gitfill and Weeping Willows (courtesy of Virgin Records) for handclaps, Peter Ejheden at Look left Recordings,
Helen and all at V2, Bonnier amigo, special thanks to Patrik & Ulf at Enviken Records, Heikki for all the effort and great work, Jugglo for all the enthusiasm and great work, Sören Elonsson at Cosmos, anders Hernestam, all at 44 Traxx, Bersa with crew, Rafael Edhol, Christel Schröder, Ola, Suss and the staff at Bröderna Olsson, Bengtsson, Conny Wall at GIG Studio, Micke Wall, Skogstorp for support, Simon Norberg, Månika, Mika, Zack, Billie and the rest of the Lindahl family, Karin Tapper SR, Jens, Surjo, Theoretical Physics, Millers in NYC & Rochester NY, Rebecca M, the Overton in Delsbo and San Diego, Clara & Triksi, Eva, Östlund family, SB0166, Melinda, Stina, Mimmi, Moa, Lina, Lissnils family, Warme family, Christian & Göran, Stampen with crew, Tractor manufacturers of the world